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my wolves

Name: They call me Shylyn, the name my mother gave me, close friends sometimes call me "Shy"
Age: I am a teenager
Gender: Female
Appearance: I am an Ethiopian wolf. I have long legs and a long muzzle, resembling the coyote in both shape and size. I have a distinctive reddish coat with a white throat, chest, and underparts, broad pointed ears, and a thick bushy black tail with a white base. My eyes are bright green
Personality: Shylyn is always very childish, an playful. She probably isn't taken seriously by most people. She is a tad bit brave and will stand up to all her friends. She doesn't always think things through and may seem hateful, but she's just cautious about who she let's into her life. She may seem a bit mean, she's also a ray of sunshine


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