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NAME: Kershov
AGE: Adult
GENDER: male
DESCRIPTION: Completely huge arctic wolf with a variety of scars laced over his totally white pelt. The entire right side of his muzzle has been ripped almost completely away, revealing most of his jagged teeth. His eyes are black. Very cold, calculating, vicious Alpha man.

NAME: Vladya
AGE: Adult
GENDER: male
DESCRIPTION: Another arctic boy. All white, with multiple scars (including a nick on his left ear that tears it into a small V-shape). Eyes are the color of pyrite (a black-gold) and his right eye has a dark red flaw in it where a past blow to the face permanently ruptured the bloodvessels. He's a meanie who loves to fight, and has problems dealing with non-violent situations.

NAME: Losa!
AGE: young adult
GENDER: female
DESCRIPTION: Lanky, lithe, and long, very slender but not gawky and skinny. Built like a dancer--for running great distances at huge speeds. Her pelt is a mixture of deep brown earth-colors, with black forelegs, black muzzle, and black-dipped ears. Her eyes are bi-colored: one is yellow, one is green. She can be fiesty and bitingly sarcastic, but is usually shy and awkward.

NAME: Eizan
AGE: adult
GENDER: male
DESCRIPTION: Eizan is blind, so his eyes are a uniform milky blue-grey color (with no pupil). His coat is a dark smoky grey color; he has snips of light grey over the bridge of his nose, across his forehead, and down his throat in a V-pattern. He also has a light-grey tipped tail. Quite skinny, because he never gets enough to eat. A very bland, mellow personality, unable to understand sarcasm. Patient.

NAME(S): Helter and Skelter
AGE(S): young teens (they are TWINS)
GENDER(S): males
DESCRIPTION: These guys are nearly attached at the hip, which is why they are under the same little profile. Both are sandy golden in color, with bright gold eyes. Skelter has a curved scar on his left forepaw. Other than that, THEY ARE IDENTICLE. The brothers are spazzes who love to annoy and harrass their beloved "older brother" Eizan.

NAME: Soron Bend
AGE: adult
GENDER: male
DESCRIPTION: His pelt is a deep ruby russet, with a rusted goldish tawny color on his muzzle, neck, and chest. A scar runs over his right eye, ruining it. His other eye is still a vibrant emerald green. Total flirt--loves ladies, but can't seem to get any. :(

NAME: Skrillex
AGE: adult
GENDER: male
DESCRIPTION: White with a black mask over half of his face, as well as a stripe of black running down his spine. Electric poison-green eyes. Skrilly is a cannibal--but only sometimes. He eats the ladies he loves. Also he is a gentleman. Mostly.

.......All good?


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