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Name: Wyrda
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Description: Large, long legged. Thick white fur and turquoise blue eyes.
Personality: She is proud, noble and a tad smug.

Name: Rijo
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Male
Description: Coat is medium long, black and silky. His build is slender.
Personality: he is withdrawn and extremely neutral. He doesn't like getting emotionally involved in situations or others. However, if he grows to care for someone, he will never abandon them and protect them with his last breath.

Name: Vingi
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Description: He isn't bad looking by any standards - long legged, lean, with a well shaped face and normal sized, nicely shaped ears. His fur was nice - almost-black-dark-brown muzzle and lower legs with a slow change from ink to chocolate as it spread upward (in the case of his legs) and over his silky ruff and down his back (in the case of his facial area). He was basically plain, with the only really attractive thing about him being his intense, almond shaped, emerald green eyes.
Personality: A passive sadist, Vingi enjoys watching sociopaths and other pyschos being insane idiots. However, he is easily bored and seems to constantly be in search of new entertainment.

Name: Fallacy
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Description: Mostly whitish fur, sort of a mix between grey and white. Her eyes are dark brown.
Personality: She is almost totally emotionless. The only feeling left in her is a strict sense of duty.

Name: Karakurenai
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Description: Her short pelt is a mix of creams, tans, cinnamons and blacks. The primary color is tan and the least often spotted color is cinnamon.

Name: Kagura
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Description: As a picture of adorability, Kagura scores high on the cutness measure. Her limber frame is coated with a angelic white rug. To top it all off: blue eyes.
Personality: She's a kind girl who sees the best in everyone. She'd give any wolf in the world a million second chances and always seeks to encourgage others. However, if she makes a mistake, she beats herself up a lot about it.

Name: Thorin
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Description: Thickset, mostly tan. Black ear and tail tips, some black lacing his back.
Personality: Tough but venerable. He is very upbeat and always make's the best of situations. He's a bit of a ditsy boy, but can be serious and protective when the time comes and that is necessary.

Name: Quirino
Age: Pup
Gender: Male
Description: He is a Satanican wolf, so, true to his breed, he bears the proud coloration of those. He is all red save for a small white splotch in the center of his chest. His eyes are such a dark brown that they are nearly black and appear so in most lighting.
Personality: Qui is quite the jerk. He is a proud brat who believes that his grandfather, Saladin, is completely right in anything he says. Although he is submissive to those who have earned his limited trust, he is defiant and insulting to anyone else.

Name: Tamlin
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Description: This handsome boy is tall and lithe. His fur is a creamy white in color, silky in texture and medium in length. Hie eyes are navy blue.
Personality: Despite the fact that he is an alpha, he's not really the type that one would expect to be in such a position. He is more of a position holder than a dominant usurp. However, through a series of unfortunate(?) incidents, he finds himself upon the throne of BM. He is polite and understanding. However, he will not allow anyone to insult Satowra's memory or disturb the peace of the land that he so zealously guards.


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