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My wolves <3

Name: Keyna
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: All black, her left front and muzzle are gray. Her eyes are a deep forest green
Personality: She's usually very nice, but once she knows a wolf (and their preference) she can act however she wants. A sort of rebel.

Name: Olypsin
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Mix of greys, whites, and browns; his eyes are bright blue.
Personality: Stuck-up, not very concious of other people's feelings.

Name: Ellesmera
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Physical Description: All white, bright blue eyes.
Personality: Very nice, she can't do bad things like Keyna can, and its near impossible for her to say no.

Name: Glaedr
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A mixture of tans, browns, and grays; his eyes are a liquid amber.
Personality: Very shy, he likes to stay in the background.

Name: Thriving Ivory
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: White, with hints of gray. Her eyes are also bright blue.
Personality: Very nice at first, but don't get on her bad side. She can act as she wants when she wants/needs to. A sort of rebel.

[hm. i did it! yay ^_^ thats ALL my wolves]


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