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I'll be surprised you stay awake reading this.. >.>[EDITED]

Name ll Little Flawless.
Gender ll Female
Age ll Newborn
Appearance ll A smaller than average female even though she was the biggest as a pup. Her eyes are green and her build is stocky. Coat is ivory and thick.
Personality ll This girl is a complete snob. Full of herself completely, she looks down her nose at most wolves. She may come across as friendly but unlike her sister, Akina, she is two faced.
Other ll Sister to Sweets, Oreo Twist and youngster sister to Akina.

Name: Meadows
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: ivory with brown eyes. Average female build.
Personality: Very naive and sweet wih a huge touch of innocence.

Name: Bliss
Age: Adult.
Appearance: Creamish white pelt. Average build.
Personality. - Very sweet, alot like her mother, Sheero, she is very sweet hearted, calm and gentle with pups with a hell of alotta patients. She will fight if her family or friends are threatened, but other than that.. She wouldnt hurt a fly.
Name: Shinobu
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A mix of white and grey. Average build for your typical grey female
Personality: Spiteful, sarcastic and one would assume emtionless. The complete opposite to her sister Meadows. [Above]

Name: Akina
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Akina is a mix of grey, brown and white. Her coat is thick making her look bigger than she really is. Brown eyes
Personality: Akina is very sweet, caring, mature. Her motherly instinct overpowers pretty much everything else. She's a very social girl.

Name: Twilight Dream
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Dark grey cloak. Dark bue eyes. Twilight is average build but is a touch shorter than your average wolf.
Personality: Clever and intelligant, Twilight is very social but is picky on who she choses to converse with. Very good at putting on an act and can be a little two faced at times when she needs to be.

Name: Kairi
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Ivory with a few tints of brown. Not overly stocky but not too slim either. Brown eyes.
Personality: The type of girl to stand up for what she believes in. Very outgoing and outspoken

Name: Amaterasu
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Ivory with crimson markings upon her sides and face. Ammy is quite a muscular girl due to much physical training she underwent due to her fathers high expectations. Brown eyes.
Personality: Quiet and observant sums Ammy up well. She isn't the most forward girl she prefers to listen to others and evaluate them. Brave, strong and she'll be the first on your back if you step out of line over at Cold Summers!

Sheero Snow
Appearance - All white. Fluffy pelt. Blue eyes. Average build, built for strength rather than agility.
Personality - Sheero is a very sweet girl. Whether you're a stranger or not she will help you if you need her, very soft hearted and witty with a good sense of humor.
Name: Sugar Fix
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Much like Akina, a mix of grey brown and white. Her coat is bigger than Akinas but her size is average very much alike. Green eyes.
Personality: Sweet and motherly, kind, caring but she no patience when it comes to males or those who prove boring and uninteresting.

Name: Crimson Helm
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Crimson Helm wears a dark cloak that carries crimson staining. Her eyes are dark blue. Average build with a thick coat.
Personality: Spiteful, inpatient.. Disloyal at the best of times. Very flirtatious and one to always get what she wants.

Name: December Dream
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: December is a mix of grey, white and tan. Her eyes are a dark blue. She's quite a pretty thing to look at. Her coat is thick and silky but her body is built more for running than combat.
Personality: Very sweet and social. December couldn't say a bad word against anybody. At times she can be quite naive but overall she's a very caring, sweet natured girl who will do her best to please those that mean the most to her.

Name: Majestic
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: All white with blue eyes. Quite large build.
Personality: Very wise and social. He's the kind of guy who thinks before acting but has a very sweet nature. Calm and collected, Majestic is observant at the best of times and likes to gain much knowledge on many things.

Name: Lucas Zero
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Lucas' cloak is an image of brown with crimson stained markings. The bloody hued marks cover small areas of his face, chest and paws with a small amount on his limbs and back. Blue eyes. Muscular torso that is built evenly for running and combat.
Personality: On first appearances Lucas can appear quite intimidating. He's calm and collected and enjoys getting to know others without speaking to them at all. He's loyal to those he cares to and thinks highly of his heritage. Lucas is very social but outspoken too. If he doesn't like something he'll let you know.

Name: Jeikobu
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Mix of greys browns and whites. Brown eyes. Built for running and his coat is not overly thick with the exception of his tail which is.
Personality: Very quiet but friendly. He's the kinda' guy who will be on the outskirts looking in. If he's needed he will be there and he's very loyal to those he cares about. Jei' is polite and sometimes a little wise for his age. Overall, a good natured fella'.

Name: Saladin
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: All white with crimson markings that stain his limbs, canvas and a small portion of his face. Emerald green eyes. Built evenly for running and combat. Very muscular
Personality: Mean, intimidating and only after one thing. He has his mind set on his goal and he can see nothing else. This guy is quite sick and twisted and only cares for the wellbeing of his family, no exceptions. He's easy to anger and lash out if not kept on the right side of him.

Name: Naoko Chan
Age: Adult
Gender: male
Physical Description: White with grey smudges. Blue eyes. Average build with a thick coat.
Personality: Wise and caring but quiet at times. Very gentle and protective of those who he cares about.

Name: P.S.G Sniper
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: I had originally joined him as a mix of grey, whites and brown but i changed his coat color to a cream hued ivory. Emerald eyes and evenly built for both running and combat.
Personality: Sniper is quite a mysterious guy who can come across as though he gives a damn when really he probably doesn't. Having lived the life of a soldier Sniper lusts for duty and direction from those he admires, those being Saladin and all the wolves connected to the Satanicans. Brave and loyal and patient sums Sniper up well, however he is big on fighting and uses other wolves as a dummy to unleash his anger and rage when necessary.

Name: Hachiko
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A mix of grey, brown and white. Much like his mother Akina except his paws are stained crimson like his father. Built for running with a slender and lean frame. His eyes are a warm brown hue.
Personality: Playful and sweet, Hachi' will be the first one putting his pride on the line to cheer you up on a bad day. He finds himself in alot of daft situations usually resulting in his pride becoming wounded and hurt. He has a happy-go-lucky nature but he will surely settle down when he reaches his adult years.

Name: Red China
Age: Teen
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A mix of brown, russet and dark hues. Brown eyes. Being the runt of the litter, China is slim and lean with a smaller than average appearance.
Personality: Much like when her father was a youngster, China can be quite outspoken and have an act for belittling others. She's quite chilled and good natured once you get to know her but until then you will have to put up with her most likely mocking your appearance or some form of flaw you have. She's interested in the art of hunting and enjoys a good romp in the dirt even when you don't want to participate, so watch you back.

Name: Scarlet Ray
Age: Pup [In the process of being born!]
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A mix of grey and black with the exception of white paws and end part of her muzzle. Quite lean but will even out and be a good asset to any hunt or fight. Her eyes are mismatches, the right being blue and the left being brown.
Personality: Playful and gentle, Scarlet is going to be well natured but will be quite reserved around those she doesn't know. She won't adjut to change well and is more likely to keep her head down and get on with things when possible.

Name: Silent Russia
Age: Pup [Process of being born!]
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Russet and mixed hue cloak that leans toward crimson after her father. Like her mother, Russia's coat is thick and healthy giving her quite a large appearance. Brown eyes.
Personality: Much like her mother, Akina, Russia is going to be good natured and the type to always do the best she can to help others. With pure admiration regarding her mother, Russia will do what she can to make her proud and follow in similar footsteps. Kind natured but can be quite bitchy at times if you cross her. She stands her ground and stands up for what she believes in.

Name: Magix
Age: Pup
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Magix is all white except for his ears which are stained crimson along with the tip of his tail. The rest of his tail is black that rides up to the top of his rear end. The rest of him is white. His eyes are an emerald green.
Personality: Although he will usually always have good intentions, Magix suffers from a mild case of bipolar. His mood can change drastically one day to the next making this kids life a little hectic. He's sociable and friendly and a hint of innocence about him.

[These are all my wolves. Sorry the descriptions and such aren't long and maybe even a little repetitive, my join posts have been wiped so i had to write it all back up and it's just taken me around and hour to do. These are them all. ^^ - Mewzer


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