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my wolves!

Name: Judith
Age: Adult
Gender: Make
Description: A smaller than average Arctic Wolf, with a lean body and strong muscles. His fur is a dirty white, and his eyes are emerald green.
Personality: Cold, emotionless and unflinching. He has moments of emotion that give hima sort of eerie charm, but most of the time he is monotonous. A good soldier.

Name: Kesha
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Appearance: Very dark brown to the point of being classified as black, of average size and sturdy build. Her eyes are a normal run of the mill gold hue.
Personality: Irritable, caustic, and unbridled. Kesha has a very short temper, and stalks about as if she's looking for a victim to take out her near constant anger on. Almost always speaks sarcastically, and is afraid to show too much emotion for fear of being labeled weak.


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