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Takes a deep breathe....

Name: Sin
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Tall black female well muscled but on the thinner side Black fur, white orbs from blindness with a little bit of a blood hue to them because of an old injury to her optics.
Personality: Calm, cool collected. Dominant but has a softer side

Name: Malice
Age: Adult
Gender: male
Physical Description: Large black male thick black fur. Heavily muscled with storm gray eyes.
Personality: Dominant but shy. Has the ability to run into a full on rage however he is very afraid of that side of himself.

Name: Chained
Gender: female
Physical Description: Medium build, well muscled but not overly so. Pale blue orbs and very white fur.
Personality: She is a bitch, no better way to put it. Rude and abrasive and does not care what others think of her, low tolerance for stupid wolves

Name: Sailuk
Age: pup
Gender: male
Physical Description: As an average wolf, my form is not overly tall or overly well muscled. His fur is thick, he is colored like a timber wolf. His legs and the underside of his body are a cream color, fading into light brown on his sides. the brown is mixed with gray and from the top of his skull to the tip of his tail is black. Both of his ears are crimson and his very light brown almost cream colored face looks like crimson rain drops fell onto him and stained his fur. Though the spots are marred and not true raindrops more like splashes. Yellow eyes with brown flecs
Personality: He is kinda in the middle, he has a soft side, but he can be firm if need be

Name: Paradise
Age: adult
Gender: female
Decription: small built female, barely over two feet tall, built like a runner, blue orbs and white fur
Personality: soft and sweet, she does not have a mean bone in her body, she tends to keep to herself

Name: Xena
Age: teen
Gender: female
Personality: she is a warrior. Firm and commanding, with a dominating presence. Loyal to her very core.
Description: She is all black, well muscled with thick fur, she stand almost three feet tall. Her eyes are blue, a very pale blue

Personality: He prefers the finer things in life, easy going and good natures, it takes a lot to rile him up. Once riled he is quick to calm and easy to forgive
Description: All black, well muscled thick black fur and also stand three feet tall and has pale blue eyes

Age: Teen
Gender: female
Personality: Soft spoken and tends to be wiser than her words, she will grow to be a very independent wolf. Though loving and loyal
Description: She is a soft grey color all over her bodice, she has black and white socks on her feet. One black sock on her left hind limb and the right hind limb is white, on the front right limb is a black sock and on the front left limb is a white sock, her eyes are a green kinda like emerald colored

Description: She is a small black female, her black coat is laced with grey fur almost giving her a frosted appearance in the right light. Her eyes are so pale blue they are almost white. As she ages she will go blind
Personality: Observant and quiet. She keeps very much to herself and often talks aloud to herself. She is curious about everything

Name: Reflection
Age: adult
Description: she is a medium sized wolf, white black fur and a white patch on her chest. Her eyes are yellow and her fur length thicker around her neck and more thin towards her rump
Personality: she is very na´ve and loving. She lets anyone push her around, even if she takes abuse. She only fights back if someone threatens her brother.

Name: Astray
Age: adult
Gender: Male
Description: He is a large grey male. His form stands barley over three feet tall, his fur is thick and his eyes are grey as well
Personality: He is generally in a fowl mode. He hates being disobeyed and tends to always lash out physically, his sister normally getting the end of the stick, he loves his sister dearly though

Name: Crymsin Star
Age: pup
Gender: male
Description: As a medium build wolf standing three feet tall once I am full grown. With thick fur stained with the crimson of my satanican father. The crimson stain touches each of my paws, and both of my ears. My tail is completely white, as are the upper parts of each of my legs, the rest of my bodice is a creamy white color.
Personality: still developing, small cuddly pup right now

Name: Rai
Gender: Female
Age: pup
Description: I am slender and lean. My form will one day stand two and a half feet tall. My crimson marks run is almost lighting bolt looking fashions done the length of my bodice. Three in total, one down my back and one of each side. Though they are not true lighting bolts because the edges are marred, through white fur. My ears and tail are black. The toes on each leg are tipped in black aswell. My eyes are a deep green almost like emeralds.
Personality: will grow to be kind and caring with a stern edge and at times can be kind of mean if need be

Name: Liquid
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Description: The whole right hand side of my body is mostly crimson. A large splash of the bloody color covers my ribs. My right hind leg is crimson from my toes to my thighs. My face half and half, until my shoulders. My tail is flecked with the deep red of my bloodline, giving an almost spotted appearance. His eyes are blue and he has three scars on his chest.
Personality: harsh and cruel, leaves no room for argument, highly dominant, but extremely loyal to his satanican pack
( I hope you can find all their join post because I cant, my first joined wolf I was 12 or thirteen I am now 22 lol)


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