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My Wolves.

Name: Queens
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Black face,legs, & tail and a chocolate colored body. Her eyes shift slightly between a maple color & amber color flaked with maple.
Personality: Well she is harsh but loves her soldiers. She also has a major attitude, doesn't take being threatened lightly, and hates puppies unless they are her own.

Name: Ariston
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Physical Description: He is a mix between his mother & his two fathers. Crimson colored mask, one green eye and one blue, and a oak/whitish body.
Personality: He really has a hard time juggling the dark monster that is tucked away inside him. Growing up he is starting to realize there is a lot about him-self he is going to need to learn how to control.

Name: Deadly Mamba
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: White with green eyes. She also has several scars all across her muzzle that are really noticeable, but really her body has scars all over it, tucked her her thick white coat that she doesn't groom near enough.
Personality: She is dry and has zero social skills. She was born to do one thing, and that is to be a puppet for another wolf. She is an assassin & it shows in how she tries to interact with other wolves. Her king is Kershov and Abendrot is her home, for the moment.

Name: Sookie
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She is oak colored timer wolf with bright blue pools that are flaked with emerald green & dark blue. This gives them almost a teal color.
Personality: She has a special diet that she feels makes her feel special. She is a very flirty female that loves to seduce. She has a mixed relationship with a male called Death Note.

Name: Meurtier
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She is oak colored timber wolf with a petite frame. She looks very delicate, but don't let that mislead you. She has bright emerald eyes.
Personality: She is deceiving and hard to figure out. She loves to flirt and use her overly feminism ways to get what she wants.

Name: Metronome
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Solid black with a white spot in the middle of her chest, a spitting image of her father. She also has bright maple eyes that appear almost orange looking.
Personality: She is flirty & manipulative.

Name: Roman's Revenge
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Solid black coat that fades into a mix of chocolate browns, grays,and whites. She has bright amber colored eyes that almost appear orange in color.
Personality: Unpredictable is the best way to put it. She is dangerous and beautiful. A lethal mix and it shows. She also may suffer from multiple personalities but of course she doesn't know that. Sometimes she may introduce her-self as Nicki or Barbie. It really just depends on what kind of mood you catch her in.

Name: Trinity
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Solid white with several scars tattered all over her body. Her body is very thin and most of the time her coat isn't kept up nor neatly groomed. She has bright green eyes flaked with a teal blue.
Personality: She is extremely cold hearted and never loved anyone at all. She is a skilled killer and that really explains the abundant amount of scarring she has all over her body.

Name: Carpe Diem
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A good mix of dark charcoal colors, grays, and creamy white towards his feet and under belly. He is a completely identical match to her father, Emore Cae. He also has light ice blue eyes.

Personality: He is determined to find out who his mother and father is. He was abandoned by a pup and picked up by a loner female that had just lost her litter and to health.


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