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My two wolves, Silber and Dark Sun

Dark Sun



DS is a sweet(In a non-good way), vicous, killing, smart, calculating vampress. she loves to raise pups to be JUST like her

DS has thick light-brown fur, with a black tint. she has very thick fur around her neck, and like her brother, Silber, has almost none near the base of her tail. she is around 35" tall, she has snewy,skinnier mucles. she is a very fast wolf. she can run very fast for a minute and a half, then she has to stop moving for 30 seconds. her fur is thick enough to allow her to climb to great hights before noticing the cold. she has a finely built face, it is more pointed, like a greyhound. she is manly legs, much like a bar stool. she fights with quick attacks, a nip, a scratch that type of thing. She has honey eyes, they are cold and calculating, when in right lighting you can see if you look hard ice blue also in her orbs.




They are sharp tounged, hateful, relentless, and evil. they pley with prey before killing, just for fun. they are a player, they have pups with a fae, steal the strongest pup, and kill the rest. they drop them off to their sister, who promtly grows them up to be just like them.

long white fur, tipped with a light grey that looks silver in the right light, has big muscles that show promtly, walks with a femine grace, fights with masculine power. they have eyes that are sincere, and if you spend a while staring into them, they have darker blue in them, the main color of their eyes are a light soft blue. they have thicker fur around there neck, and almost none around their tail, they use it almost like a whip. when angered you don't want to be around them, they pull back there lips showing there sharp pearly whites. they stand at about 36" tall at the shoulder.


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