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Clay, Kite

Name: Clay/Kite
Age: Pup/ Teen
Gender: Female ( both)
Physical Description: Small for her size. Shades of brown, with lighter accents. Line of a russet red down her back and onto her tail. Brown eyes with spark of gold // A large, well built wolf, with lays are creme, marron-ish red, and a deep chocolate brown. Amber eyes
Personality: . Clay is a catious pup, having been in abusive care all her young life. She is wary of adults,and acts supiror, but she really is scared and tense inside. She loves roughing it. Tomboy /// Kite bares a large weight apon her shoulders, and always has a solom look on her face. She is often loudmouthed unknowingly, but makes up for it in her ultiment dedication to friends, family, and her alpha


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