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Eden, the devil's nectar.

Name: Eden, the Devil's Nectar.
Age: Teenager.
Gender: Female.
Brief Physical Description: A mixture of many shades of copper brown and bronze, getting darker towards her back and lighter towards her flanks. Face is white with ginger red dapples, paws are white with ginger red bars at the end of the sock. Left eye is a bright yellow, right is a crimson red mixed with bright amber. Six irregular scars cross this eye, leaving small slivers of sterling as well in the iris.
Personality: Short-tempered, erratic, and a small bit mentally unstable. Often has moments of vampiric and even cannibalistic desires, and will indulge in the slaughtering of multiple wolves if this lust is particularly powerful. This mood will often take a downward spiral and leave her acidic-tongued and dark-themed in mood.


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