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part three.

Name: Side Of A Bullet
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Average physique, maybe even a little shorter than average. Mostly a light tan, with black on his back, the back of his head and over the top and black tipped tail. Brown eyes.
Personality: Kind and has a gentleman's heart. He doesn't particularly believe in love for himself, though at one point he'd started to fall for a close female friend.

Name: Vampirate
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Large and muscular. Eyes are normally, a chesnutty brown color, although in very dark places they appear the color of dried blood. Pelt is nearly all ebony, except for the end of his maw, which is crimson.
Personality: As a Demonica wolf, he has a strong bloodlust and is very merciless. He could do away with a family member, or watch one go down with no emotion. The only family he protects is his offspring (more so his oldest) though it's more out of instinct than true to his character. An openly abusive father who is very hard on his children, though concentrated much less on his second litter. He truly has no fear, and that’s one of his more prominent qualities, though having no fear does not equate to making stupid decisions.

Name: Zelda
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A light mix of tans and browns and creams. Basically a natural coloring. Her eyes are gold. Build is average for a female wolf.
Personality: Outgoing and adventurous. Lives very in the moment and even future minded, though hardly ever makes reference to life before Blossom.

Name: Shiloh
Age: Teen. (sort of transitional between pup and teen, but I'll call her a teen.)
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Still growing into her teen build, so at something of an awkward stage. Bicolor between “german shepherd tan” and faded black. Her eyes are gold.
Personality: Outgoing with wolves her age, but very cautious and hard at trusting anyone older.

Name: Banshee
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Completely black pelt with blue eyes. Not tall, but very fit.
Personality: Very efficient pack member, though she trusts no one. Has a very motherly instinct over pups.

Name: Hector
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Mix of gray, white and tan. Brown eyes.
Personality: Short temper and can act straight insane when he's triggered. Otherwise he's snide and at times can be either revenge or power driven.

Name: Immortal Bravery
Age: Teen. (sort of transitional between pup and teen, but I'll call him a teen.)
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Still growing into his teen build, so at something of an awkward, lanky stage. A mix of “german shepherd tan”, gray (or faded black, even) and creamy white. Gold eyes.
Personality: Hard at trusting any wolves older than him, and is easily annoyed and sometimes sort of violent with younger wolves, though at the core he's not a bad guy.

Name: Apache Sunrise
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Slightly shorter and stockier than most females. Light orangey-russet coloring on top and fades to almost white on her legs and paws. Blue eyes.
Personality: She's not all flowers and sunshine, but she is a big peacemaker. Hates when things have to be settled with massive violence, though isn't trouble by things like scuffles for dominance which are instinctual to most wolves.

Name: Dakota
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: His face and legs, for the most part, are a creamy-white. A reddish-brown color appears on the bridge of his muzzle, ears, neck, back, and a little on his tail. Black appears on his back, a little black on his cheeks and the top of his tail is primarily black. His paws are also touched with the reddish-brown coloring. His eyes are dark brown. Dakota's fur is kind of shaggy. A slightly stocky build, with toned muscle built up. He isn't short, though isn't amazingly tall - more on the taller side of average.
Personality: A rather moral being, he isn't opposed to violence, though by no means will he just jump into a fight. Dakota is very loyal to an alpha, unless he feels they are unqualified. Actually, in a way, he's more loyal to a pack's survival than only its alpha. Generally he's a kind guy, and tends to provide comic relief even in stressful times, being rather sarcastic when the situation provides for it. When he's in a relationship (girlfriend or whatever) he isn't really the jealous type, though if someone is disrespecting and/or threatening someone close to him, he's very protective. And he's definitely more of a social type than a loner.

Name: Scarecrow
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Scarecrow’s fur is rather fluffy, and is a patchwork of different colors. The “base” color is white, with patches of brown and grey and reddish brown and even some creamy off white in places. Her height is quite tall for a female, standing about 2 ft, 9 in (33inches if my math isn't stupid). Her build is stocky though still feminine. Her eyes are brown.
Personality: She likes to relax when her situation allows for it, but when it comes to ranks and pack behavior and what not she is very strict. She is open to making friends, though doesn’t straight up reach out for people. She seems to get annoyed rather easily by a wolf whose personality clashes with her own, and won’t be the polite one to sit and take it. She’s more the type to walk away, or tell them to go away. Also, even though Scarecrow doesn’t go out looking to pick fights, she has a history that gives her experience in combat and when she’s feeling very stressed, she might look for a sparring partner just to let it out.

Name: Hollywood Undead
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Small frame. Pure white pelt, blue eyes. She has a crimson patch around her right eye.
Personality: Can be rather cynical and asocial at times, though prefers to be in a pack for a better promise of food and security. Being such a young adult she still has a small edge of teen angst in her mannerisms.

Name: Jack Skellington
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Very tall and lanky. His front paws and head are bone white. The rest of him is mostly black, with white pinstripes all the way down his body and legs. Eyes are such a dark brown they look black unless you're up close.
Personality: Highly likable but somewhat self-absorbed. He has an artist's ego and fulfills his ambitions with idealistic zeal, unwilling to see negative consequences even when objection is right in front of his face.

Name: Braveheart
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Physical Description: His head is crimson red, beneath a black mask across his face. His chest and legs are mostly crimson red aswell. Eyes are chocolate brown.
Personality: The most estranged sibling of his litter, he tends to spend days on his own and is starting to get towards an age of rebellion.

Name: Papercut
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Tall and lean, though quite a scrapper. Almost entirely black, with a stripe down his back crimson red in color. Blue eyes.
Personality: Overly independent, and a stubborn teenagey angst attitude. Problem with authority, especially if it's close to his age.

Name: Parker
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Thin and lanky, as standard for a teen wolf. Base color of white with several black dapples across his coat. He has striking orange eyes.
Personality: Can be somewhat aloof among crowds, though enjoys company. He's a hopeless romantic, wishing desperately to fall in love despite being careful to not get swept into a quick shallow version. Overall he's happy and willing to help out.

Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Physical Description: About a million shades of brown all naturally blended with each other, and chocolate brown eyes. Average height and slim, feminine build.
Personality: Reclusive, quiet, and insecure but kind-hearted, compassionate and caring towards others. She tends to be rather clumsy, and awkward in social situations which she can cover up with a decent amount of sarcastic humor.

Name: Quest
Age: Male
Gender: Pup
Physical Description: Most of his coat is an even blend of black and orangey hairs. The bottom half of his muzzle and down under his chin is crimson red. Has green eyes.
Personality: He's not born yet, but will develop a personality as he grows. Will start out initially very dependent and from there have intense curiosity about the world.

Name: Excalibur
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Strong, sturdy build. He has obviously trained muscles. His pelt is a blend of dark gray and black on his top half and a blend of tan and white on the bottom. Same for his face, dark gray on top and white on bottom with some black and tan mixed in. Brown eyes.
Personality: Very loyal and dedicated spirit. Was raised in an old-fashioned, military type land. It wasn't harsh, though, and he's grown quite strong out of it both physically and mentally. Has a drive for adventure.


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