Other Worlds
distant planets
On this board, you can play in worlds outside of Shaman. As well as Earth, this includes other planets in the Shaman-world such as Shyllipa Minor and Major (the nymph planets), and Xara (the ker planet). You can also create your own world and play there. You can play as your Shaman characters, or as NPCs.

Please note there is currently no shuttle service from Shaman to other planets, so you will need to be escorted by a deity or have your character obtain some hop-loops.

off-planet residents
Mallos, living on Earth
Nepenthe, living on Earth
Angela, living on Earth
Edward, living on Earth
Gwythr, living on Shyllipa Major
Charlton, living on Earth
Lorraine, living on Earth
travellers between worlds
Aura, Guide of the Dead
Tsi, dual residence
Allianah, dual residence
Khasekhemwy, dual residence
Zed, dual residence
Rana de Leon, dual residence
Luka, dual residence
Mateo, dual residence

Add your character and their personalised role via the updates board.

located here
  • Earth: the original home of fairies, and still the home of most of the original fairies.
  • Shyllipa Major & Minor: twin planets, home of nymphs. Gwythr is currently under house arrest on Shyllipa Major. Learn more.
  • Xara: the home of ker and aja. A great war is currently ongoing, so this is not an ideal place to visit. Learn more.
  • Panathenaea: home of the Gida. Learn more.
  • Canidia: the closest place in the Realm of the Living to the Realm of the Dead, the home of a shapeshifting humanoid species. Learn more.
  • The Realm of the Dead: when a person dies, this is where they move on to. A vast and varied landscape currently suffering from a curse.
  • The Realm between Realms: the "no-man's-land" between the Realm of the Living and the Realm of the Dead, where both the living and the dead can pass.
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Play sounds for Rhaegar's training camp on Earth
Play sounds for the Realm between Realms

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