Disaster has struck!
The natural springs of Taviora and the surrounding foothills have become overwhelmed, spilling out into Taviora's valleys. The land is saturated and unstable; small landslides have sent trees and mud tumbling into the water. Prey animals have fled in search of safety, and clean drinking water is hard to come by, with much of the water being dark and muddy. The water is dangerous too, with swathes of toppled trees, rocks and hidden currants lurking below as the water drains out towards Mecor Valley. Flash-flooding can occur after rain with little warning.

However, for the most part, the pack is still livable for those who are intent to stay. Many of the taller hills are above the waterline, ocassionally linked by land or natural bridges made of trees and debris and there is still enough shelter to get by with.

Note: Taviora will reopen once 30 posts have been completed (or at Staff discretion). During this time, new threads will receive a 'Surprise','Disaster', and prizes. Taviora is currently not open for challenges.





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~Forest Realm Ranks~

The Guiding Lights
Wolves dedicated to the protection and smooth running of the pack. These wolves all are purely dedicated to Taviora and making sure the kingdom is safe. All of these wolves may help in accepting members and making treaties with other packs and wolves if they feel they are needed.
The Alphess of Taviora and protector of the pack. She gets final say in all decisions regarding Taviora and its safety and rule. She also gives tasks, accepts members and sees personally to any disputes.
Alpha of Taviora. Head of the pack along with the goddess. He has been chosen to be the Goddess' help her keep the forest safe. He can settle pack disputes, accepts members, assigns tasks, and leads the pack during hunts or in times of war.
The Kaepora is the beta of Taviora. When The Goddess and Hero are not present the Kaepora will take charge and lead the pack in their absence, and can take challenges during this time as well. The Kaepora's other responsibilities include advising the alphas in times of war or stress alongside the Navi and Elder, blocking or making steals and accepting wolves. Like the Navi, the Kaepora is able to speak for the Goddess as this wolf is very trusted when pack relations are concerned.
The Advisor and very close to the Goddess. They possess a working knowledge of the pack, all its members, and their positions and are charged with advising the Alpha pair on all manners of pack affairs including alliances and relationships with other packs. They are very trusted as far as pack relations are concerned and may also give out tasks if need be. This wolf may accept new members and may make and block steals.
This wolf has weathered the winds of time. They have the experience only life can give them and are able to advise based on past events and dealings they have experienced. This wolf is trusted by the Goddess to help not repeat the past.
These wolves are the most trusted or companions of the alphas. They can excel in multiple fields and can have multiple talents, but really are not required to have any sort of specific skill set. The alphas trust these wolves inside and out to do what is best for them and to help them in their times of need. If able they can fill any role in the pack and have permission to make steals and perform blocks.
The Four Champions
These wolves are called in times of darkness and distress. The only time these ranks appear are when the Goddess and her Hero deem troubling times are upon them. Thus they are temporary additions to the pack, but important ones. These wolves must adhere to a certain set of principals or goals set upon them by the Goddess. They must be capable of defending the pack and its borders as well as the Goddess when she goes out and attempts to quell whatever darkness has settled upon the lands. The ranks are fluid, and the tasks and expectations of these wolves changes depending on the time to which they are called. These are not wolves just seeking to protect Taviora, but all Moladion. Those that are honored with this title will be forever marked upon the ranks with ⛯.
The Soul
These wolves excel in their specific fields of work. The soul are, as their name implies, the influential beings of the pack. They are wolves who help keep the inner workings of Taviora running well and work with their core to see the pack taken care of. No matter the skill all these wolves are highly valued for their individual talents.
Head Scout, or the Vanguard of Taviora. The truth is charged with the protection and maintenance of Taviora and it's borders and are the first line of defense for the pack. They are also involved in gathering information from the loner lands or other packs and relaying it as needed to those above. Can make and block steals.
Head Diplomat. Works directly below the Navi and with the Triforce to maintain peace and order within the pack. They are charged with the mental health and well-being of the pack, solving minor pack disputes and may be involved in securing alliances and maintaining Tavioraís relationships with other packs. They are charged with all things political.
Head Warrior. Responsible for training the younger warriors and leading them in times of war. A wolf highly skilled in battle who may be called upon to defend the pack at any time.
Head Assassin. Specialized rank. Responsible for acting as Master to the Sheikah and choosing the wolves who will fill that rank. The Head Assassin is charged with Tavioraís more covert affairs, keeping an eye on things from the shadows and another eye on any whom would bring Taviora or any of its members harm. Can make and block steals.
Head Healer. Responsible for training apprentice healers and charged with the physical health of the pack. This wolf is responsible for healing battle wounds and attending birthings. They have a working knowledge of treatments, herbs, and plants and can be visited for advice on any ailment.
Head Caregiver. This wolf is charged with watching over the younger wolves of the pack. Providing advice, care, and attention as needed or pup-sitting when mothers and fathers need to leave their children for the day.
The Story Teller. This wolf is the the history keeper and story teller of Taviora. The Wonder is a wolf who can help guide those with what has happened in the past or can use a story to teach a lesson. They are the therapists of the pack, good at listening and speaking both who can help with the mental well being of the members.
The multi-skilled. This wolf or wolves are capable of doing many different things and are capable of standing in for any of the other ranks. If the need be they can help with others in the Guiding light
Best Hunter. This wolf is charged with providing for the pack, leading hunts and schooling others in the art of hunting. The packs most skilled provider they possess a working knowledge of all types of prey and how to hunt them.
Top Thief. Charged with making sure Taviora has everything it needs. If that involves having to steal it from someone or somewhere else, then so be it, that is the task of this wolf. A cunning, clever wolf. Can make and block steals.
The Core
These wolves are perhaps the most important to Taviora. They are what keep Taviora growing and thriving, the body of the pack that helps keep it together no matter what they personally need or what. They work with the Soul to make sure that they can complete their work and without the Core Taviora wouldn't be what it is.
Scouts. Responsible for running border patrols and greeting loners at the border. They are also responsible for gathering information or new members. Can make and block steals.
Diplomats. They are tasked with helping maintain peace in the pack or with allies. May advise their peers as needed or accompany older wolves on diplomatic tasks.
Warriors. Those wolves charged with defending Taviora in times of war, seeing off intruders and acting as the muscle of the pack. These wolves are physically fit and skilled in battle. They may be asked to escort wolves of other ranks as needed.
Assassins. Those who work in the shadows for the benefit of Taviora and answer to the Courage. Responsible for watching over Taviora as a whole and moving against its enemies if ever they are needed to do as such. Can make and block steals.
Healers. Responsible for all healing tasks and caring for the physical wounds of the pack and assisting mothers during birth.
Care Givers. Responsible for watching over the young of the pack and acting as babysitters for younger members. They teach those younger than themselves about the world and basics of the pack.
Hunters. Assistants to the Head Hunter, these wolves are charged with providing for the pack and assuring a constant supply of food. These wolves are often agile, clever and skilled in the art of tracking.
Thieves. Responsible for stealing what or who Taviora might need at any given time. Also is are part of the group that gathers information for Taviora. Can make and block steals.
Pups under one year of age.
Apprentices. Young wolves who are learning a trade.
Retired wolves. These are the pack elders and are to be respected for their age and knowledge.
General Members. These are wolves 4 years and older who have not yet chosen an area to specialize in.
Wolves stolen or wolves who asked to stay within the boundaries of Taviora, but are not members. These wolves are welcomed freely in and out of the lands until they choose to no longer seek Taviora's protection.

All ranks may be challenged for in some manner. For warriors, it is fighting challenges, for hunters, diplomats, and healers some other form of competition will be held to prove your rank. These tasks will be decided at the time of challenging.
Our Dearly Departed
Those that are gone but never fogotten will be listed here for all eternity to show our respect and love that we still have for them.

Roamin, Sen, Rhae, Iblis, Moth, Seamus, Morrigan, Paisley, Jinan

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