Damp wetlands litter this pack as do tall wavering trees that keep the land dim, even with the brightest of suns gleaming overhead. There are deep pools of stagnant water in this swamp, and except in the dead of winter there is always a staggering heat and humidity. The inhabitants grow used to it and suffer bitterly then when winter does come - their coats are thin, used to nearly year-round summer. But within this land they can prosper, because the land itself is prosperous. Nearly always is it green and thick and full of life. Even the dead trees that have fallen provide life to the insects first, and then to the rest of the food chain after that. But this hidden gem is a danger to any outsiders that would stroll in. The footing is treacherous, and in many spots what looks like firm footing may be instead a bloom of moss and other plants floating upon the surface of water. The silt and soil at the bottom of the water is thick and strong, and has trapped many a wolf within its jaws, leading them to a watery death. Aiding that is the fireflies that glimmer around at night, hoping to lead unsuspecting travelers astray. Those who live here learn to love to eat fish - catfish, carp, and silver dollar fish swim a plenty in the pools of dark water, and though there are swamp rabbits, they are swift and hard to catch, not to mention the danger that lurks in the woods. Crocodiles also hide beneath the impenetrable surface of the water, and monstrous anacondas slither in the trees above. Enter if you dare, this - the dark land of Caidir Olc - ‘Where Evil is Cherished’.

Alone, a crow flies at your face in a panic, raking his claws at your brow, cawing down your final warning. Fly!, Fly!, Fly! He says, Fly or die! She's coming - And you can feel the very Earth seem to be in terror from her. The silent white Queen, who's pelts illumination is the only thing you can see outside of the fog and trees. Her eyes are like the gates of hell, watching your move and staring into your soul. She may be a lady, but she's one who holds much pain and suffering, and one who's now fearless. The vultures begin to circle above, claiming a corpse if there were to be one. Her plume flicks behind her as she watches you carefully, her silence making your heart beat in your chest seem like drums.

Follow the Queen, or become a corpse that lines her border. The choice lies with you.