Always has this pack been made of a dense coniferous forest, bordering upon the northern border of Leisure Lake, with a lonely mountain sitting within the center of it. However, magic has disrupted not only the appearance of many of the lands, but also the geography of Blossom Forest. This pack is now at the most northwestern aspect of Blossom Forest, and it has engulfed the lake that once was a freeland and claimed it as its own. It is now fed by underground rivers and in turn is the source for the cascades and streams running through much of the rest of Blossom Forest. Because of the minerals within it, the waters are always a vibrant blue tone. To the north, west, and south of the lake, the deep foundations that once laid beneath the surface have been raised high, high and higher into the sky to form the northern border of Blossom Forest. The Aurora Borealis is still visible at night, and it is more vibrant than ever if you travel to the tops of these new mountains. Snow always caps the apices due to the higher atmospheric pressure, and ascending the trails can be dangerous as sometimes avalanches tumble down them, destroying anything in their paths. The northern passes are made of purely rock and gravel, but the more southern peaks have paths covered in soft pelts of grasses and young trees. But it is to the east of the lake that the thick forest of evergreens still thrives, coming right to the shore of the water’s edge. It provides for the caribou, shrews, red squirrels, stouts, and groundhogs that live here. Welcome to Dierne Hrof - ‘The Magical Sky’- but beware not only the wolves but also the grizzly bears and wolverines that call this place home.


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Magistrate - Chenzii

Marshall -

Officer -


Shaman - Khaleesi

Guardian -

Keepers -


Chief -

Commander -

Comrades -


Chacellor -

Dignitary -

Councilors - Chenzii, Vladimir


Governor(ess) -

Nursemaid -

Nannies -


Detective -

Operative -

Scouts - Rift


Champion - Gwaine

Knight -

Pages - Khaleesi, Vladimir
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