This land once held a thick healthy forest, the trees having trunks greater than ten feet in diameter. They had watched over many different rulers’ reigns… until Mother Nature decided their own reign was ending. The worst earthquake that Blossom Forest has ever seen tore the earth apart, and even the deep roots of the elder trees could not protect them from this. One by one the trees fell into the deepening crevices until not a single one remained. Deeper and deeper the cracks ran, tearing through undiscovered cavern systems until they exposed an underground river. The surface of the land dried into a desert, the once prosperous soil becoming dry and cracked… but amazingly some plants did manage to live within it - cacti and shrubs, but nothing like the forests that once thrived there. Wolves somehow found a way to inhabit the land - utilizing the cavern system for their dens, the river for their water source and the small rodents that lived under the foliage as their prey. But this would not be the last change to the pack. Now, with the eruption of magic, the surface has been ripped away. The cracked veneer and the treacherous ledges leading down to the river are gone, without any sign of how or where.

The openings to the cave systems are even more accessible, and without many of the staircases, the only way to travel to the very top of the mountains is to traverse the caverns, deep endless labyrinthes which are easy to get lost within. From the outside, the cliffs show just how long the land has been around, each of the rock layers differing in thickness and color leading to beautiful scenery, especially when the first and last rays of daylight are cast upon it. The once underground river is now easily accessible with a silt shore surrounding it. In some parts of the pack, the water passes through bouldered overhangings. This is Crith-Thalmhainn - ‘The Earthquake’. Over the years, this pack has been home to many wolves, but one truth will always remain - no matter what it is called or how it changes, it is the home of the outcasts. While many of the other packs have the problem of having mainly small game, this place boasts mule deer, bison, and big horn sheep - all dangerous prey to go after alone. There are some mice and squirrels scurrying about, but they are but a snack. The real struggle is dealing with the looming danger of the mountain lions… and then there are the condors who may swoop down and carry off unsuspecting pups or even a wolf's leftovers...


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