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There is a new aura to be felt in the forests of Bright Moon. Silence has fallen in halls that once sang with the calls of songbirds, only the hollow whoosh of air can be heard whispering through the boughs and branches of the territory now, phantoms stalk the borders. The shadows seem deeper here, as though cultivated by the ruler of this land. Suddenly, the feeling you are being watched rises over you and the fur at the base of your skull begins to rise. The sensation of predatory eyes on you is almost too much to bear. Run! Your instincts scream at you to turn tail, but the appeal of home may be too much to deny.

Nestled between Romance and River and Adoption Meadows is a thickly wooded terrain. Trees extend endlessly into the sky, their limbs outstretched in a desperate plea to the light. Prey is plentiful here, despite the not so ancient bear scare, giving an already undeniable pull toward Bright Moon.


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Pack Ranks
Alpha Male:
Alpha Female:Jaidah
Alpha Pups:

Beta Male:
Beta Female:
Beta Pups:

Gamma Male:
Gamma Female:
Gamma Pups:

Delta Male:
Delta Female:
Delta Pups:

Epsilon Male:
Epsilon Female:
Epsilon Pups:

Zeta Male:
Zeta Female:
Zeta Pups:

Iota Male:
Iota Female:
Iota Pups:

Omega Males:
Omega Females:
Omega Pups:

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