At the densest section of the forest, there is a brief clearing where a steady flow of water streams down the slippery stone staircase. The water here is cool and refreshing. During the spring, the waters surge as the ice melts, and the current becomes dangerous, ready to sweep unaware swimmers down the rock cascades. During the summer and fall, however, it calms and lazily runs down over the rocks, providing a quiet, consistent lullaby. Its beauty is at its peak in the winter though, when the rivers completely freeze and form stalactites over the cliffs of the rock walls, forming rivets and hills of carved ice.
Staircase Falls has been rumoured to be the place where reality is met by magic; where peaceful spirits dwell. They are rumoured to have healing powers that are used to help the desperately hurt, though no one has experienced this, except for, perhaps, Kaive.