Always has this pack been a wasteland - desolate and feared by those who did not call it home. Magic has taken that fear and made the land more terrifying than ever. Any trees that remained within the territory have been torn up at their roots and in their place remains naught but grasses and shrubs. Rivers may course through it during the rainy season, but once droughts dry them up, streaming courses of rock beds remain. The towering mountains that have erupted all over the rest of Blossom Forest did not forget about this pack, and along one edge of the pack the mountain chain passes through it, littered with rocky, treacherous ledges that only the bravest would dare traverse. But there is no beautiful view from the top - instead it is marred by the thick impenetrable fog that always hangs through the terra. It is densest at the peaks, but even in the lowlands does it hang, obscuring one's sight. And it is within this fog that the wolves of the pack feel most comfortable, hiding themselves until they attack any who would dare intrude. Within this land, there are a variety of small animals to catch for prey, which causes the wolves to have to hunt often if they do not want to go hungry. They can try to catch voles, coneys, lemmings, or some smaller birds including ptarmigans, ducks, or grouse. However, occasionally a larger prey will make itself seen - the musk oxen that travel through the land a few times a year to migrate as the temperature changes. Danger lurks within these lands too, from the cougars and lynxes that occupy some caves in the mountain. Now... beware and welcome to Graes Waegholm - ĎThe Grass Seaí.