The magic of the land has done little to this pack - always has it been carpeted with a thick deciduous forest full of maples, oaks, beeches, and birches. The trees grow up and up, their spiderweb of branches hiding much of the beautiful sky above from the creatures below. Only now, it has been raised up from the valley it once was found in, to be instead between the peaks of two mountains along the ragged range. It is a lively terra, with moss and lichen growing not only on the rocks and roots that litter the floor, but also up the bark of the trees themselves. Between the trunks lie shrubberies and ferns, their stems unfurling in the morning to fully extend in the afternoon, and yet curl up again as night falls. In the more open areas beautiful wildflowers grow in vibrant colors in stark contrast to the solid green of everything surrounding them. Up here, in the middle of the valleys and the peaks, the weather is always mild - the winters are not bitterly cold, and the summers are not unbearably hot. There is rarely much of a breeze, as the tall plants brace against the gusts that come down from the mountains and prevent them from flowing deeper into the territory. It is supplied by an underground water source that flows steadily throughout the year without freezing because it is kept warm by the insulating ground. For those travelling the earth itself, however, there are only small, muddy pools of water to drink from. Should they wish fresher water, they must exit their lands and travel either up one of the peaks to find the source of the stream, or down toward the valley to find where the underwater source exits. In this territory, white-tailed deer, raccoons, opossums, and porcupines are the main sources of prey for the wolves, although weaker Lera are present like dormice and weasels. Black beers roam the woods as well as coyotes, and while both of these predators normally are loner species, they do from time to time find a reason in this land to run in packs, making them all the more dangerous. If you enter, you will call this place home. Welcome to Wudubearo, ‘The Dark Forest’.


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